Sample Return Mission - this a shelf having various jars sitting on it which represent all things related to Sample Return Mission.

Meanwhile ... another one from the set
As there are:

smplrtrn is where mostly all things visual - i.e. concepts, layouts and coding - gets done.

Roter Raum is one of the places down in the basement where all things audible - refactoring, i.e. (re)recording, engineering and mastering - gets done.

Hard Drive - The Sample Return Drive - when we are done with it, and it belongs to us or to you, you can have it.

The following places might ask you for authorization:

Sample Return Dok - Internal Collaboration and Documentation Tool


Man Pages Manual pages for those who are doomed to colaborate - that is: those who do not want to repeatedly fail.

"Tote Pilze, Tote Zitrone"
Daniel Richter