Sample Return Mission is a shelf having various jars sitting on it there are:

We offer three kinds of service:
You can choose any two
GOOD service CHEAP won't be FAST
GOOD service FAST won't be CHEAP
FAST service CHEAP won't be GOOD

smplrtrn - where mostly all things visual - i.e. concepts, layouts and coding, editing and compositing - are getting done.

Roter Raum - one of the places down in the basement where all things audible - refactoring, i.e. (re)recording, engineering and mastering - are getting done.

Klangkommi - where all things distributable are getting organized.

Note that the following places might ask you for authentication:

Roter Raum Premaster Archive


Roter Raum
Roter Raum Premaster Archive

"Tote Pilze, Tote Zitrone"
Daniel Richter

"Im Laufe der Zeit durch harte Arbeit gewonnene Energie"
Kung Fu